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In response to the enthusiasm for Bioenergetics in Peru, FSBA Chile opened this School in March of 2019.

Director of FSBA Peru

– Bachelor of Arts in Pontificia Universidad Católica PUC Chile.

– Certified Coach Newfield Network 2001.

– Training for Organizations on Transpersonal Psychology South American School Daniel Taroppio 2005.

– Since 2000 she has worked in organizational development as a consultant specializing in experiential learning with different public and private organizations. Also working and facilitating Coaching process and training people and teams on skills as leadership and team building.

– FSBA Bioenergetic Therapist. 2013.

– Since 2017 is the Director of the Chilean School of Bioenergetics FSBA, and from 2019 the Director of the Peruvian School of Bioenergetics FSBA.

For more information, please contact: contacto@escueladebioenergetica.cl

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