FSBA – Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

What is FSBA?

FSBA, the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, is the heart of an international community of Bioenergetics practitioners, based in Alachua, FL, with affiliated schools in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Poland. Our goal is to foster and advance the generation, communication, and application of knowledge pertaining to the role of the body in psychotherapy.

We do this in order to directly benefit individuals, and also to enhance the skill of the professional community in the treatment of individuals to improve their lives. Our faculty and members include therapists and counselors, as well as those from various walks of life, united by a desire to expand their understanding of the psychotherapeutic connection between body and mind.

Whether you are a therapist or coach wanting training, an individual seeking greater release of emotional contraction patterns, a trauma victim, or a business seeking to enhance the emotional freedom of your workers to perform at maximum efficiency, you are invited to explore what FSBA is offering. Come grow with us!

Founder of Bioenergetics
Creator of FSBA


Robert Glazer, Ph.D.

ROBERT (Bob) GLAZER, Ph.D., who established FSBA, passed away April 22, 2015. For decades, he had been deeply committed to Bioenergetics, his clients, Alexander Lowen, and all the professionals and trainees participating in FSBA, which he founded in 1979.

His commitment and years of hard and dedicated work created an environment in which people from all over the world still come to learn Bioenergetics. He is greatly missed by a very large circle of those whom he dearly loved and who also loved him. Hundreds of people’s lives have been transformed by his caring, effervescent and pure style of Bioenergetic therapy and the training programs he directed.

The FSBA Faculty

FSBA trainers focus on the relationship between working energy in the body (breathing, movement, and voice) and psychological issues. Each member of the FSBA faculty team has been teaching Bioenergetics to students and other professionals for years. Additionally, each have their own masterful signature as they conduct international training workshops in Bioenergetics, create educational schools in Bioenergetics, offer professional presentations, conduct full time private practices and also oversee caring and supportive personal growth retreats for specific groups. Also included in their repertoire is extensive executive coaching.

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FSBA is the result of a team of people over decades whose talents, hard work, incredible skills and love for Bioenergetics made its existence possible. Also, included in this team are the hundreds of people  who have walked through the doors of the FSBA Bioenergetics Center (aka. “the Farmhouse”) to learn, to train and to grow. All of these people make up the composition of the FSBA team. Many of them gained momentum in life from their link with Robert Glazer, PhD, who kept us all in his heart as he made FSBA his life’s work.


The FSBA in Alachua is advised by professional volunteers, each with incredible skills, expertise and a profound appreciation for Bioenergetics. They generously nurture and oversee elements of FSBA that are instrumental for its continuation. It simply would not be possible for the events to continue without the sharpness, labor and love given by these advisors.


FSBA is also extremely grateful for its steady, caring, competent infrastructure staff:

Destiny Faith Crosby – Facility Caretaker
Maria Astaiza – Project Coordinator
Grayson D.C. – Website Design and IT Support

FSBA Bioenergetics Center

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Training Faculty

FSBA has a team of profoundly competent teachers who disseminate remarkable training of Bioenergetics world-wide. Each person on this faculty team has spent years, or even decades, studying and practicing Bioenergetics and is dedicated to teaching its essence to students, trainees and clients. This group includes:

Marzena Barszcz, MA | (Warsaw, Poland)
Eric Diamond, PhD | (Gainesville, Florida)
Diane Gobrogge, DOM, LAc | (Wilmington, North Carolina)
Silvina Heriquez, MA | (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ana Murillo | (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Daniela Goich Salinas | (Santiago, Chile)
Laurie Ure, LICSW | (Gloucester, Massachusetts)
Sol Valenzuela, MA | (Santiago, Chile)
Alberto Wang, MA | (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
John Yong, JD | (New York, New York)

Trainers for Corporate Leadership,
Talent, and Development Workshops

Trainers for Corporate Leadership, Talent, and Development Workshops

Vero brings 23 years of experience as an HR Manager in several companies of the Techint Organization to her work as coach and consultant. She led and designed global training and development programs for more than 3,000 leaders. She was also in charge of the Ternium University and promoted the transformation of several national educational programs. As an HR consultant, she has developed competency-based models to guide performance evaluation, talent development and succesion planning for diverse clients.

She has extensive experience in executive and team coaching. She is a Certified Ontological Coach (Newfield Consulting), a Certified Bioenergetics Coach (FSBA) and a Certified Team Coach (EEC). She holds post doctoral degrees from the University of Alberta (Canada) and University of Tennessee (USA). She also holds a masters degree from Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Sandra has been building her expertise in personal, team and leadership development for more than 20 years. She began designing and delivering training programs in 1991, while working at P&G Mexico, and has developed international leadership programs for institutions like Great Place to Work.

She is a Certified Ontological Coach (Newfield Consulting) and a Certified Bioenergetics Coach (FSBA). She holds a masters degree from Harvard University and a second masters degree from Boston University.