FSBA – Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Affiliate Events

Since 1979, FSBA has been offering bioenergetic workshops, training and consulting. It has expanded into five schools which are located in Florida, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Poland. FSBA is now proud to offer events and workshops from affiliate bioenergetics professionals, many of whom are graduates or leaders of FSBA’s own programs.

We invite anyone who is interested to come grow with FSBA!

with Sabine O’Laughlin, MA   |   Begins July 17 – 18, 2021   |   ONLINE (Zoom)

This is a 5-module weekend immersion program, focusing on personal work and theory and background of the work. The common themes will include our mother’s lineage, father’s lineage, siblings relationships and the “no siblings” space holder, and the impact of death and disease, war and conflict, immigration and migration, religion, and adoption on our family field. The next level will allow for participants to go deeper into the learning and start practicing with others, understand the principles underlying the field dynamics and apply them to other areas of life: Money, food, business etc.

Open to All!