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About Daniela

My passion and commitment is to create safe contexts and environments that allows people to feel contained, to connect with their selves, to look inside, to integrate, to move and work on their own wounds, mobilizing their energy, their feelings, to connect with vitality, with real life and joy.

– Bachelor of Arts in Pontificia Universidad Católica PUC Chile.

– Certified Coach Newfield Network 2001.

– Training for Organizations on Transpersonal Psychology South American School Daniel Taroppio 2005.

– Since 2000 she has worked in organizational development as a consultant specializing in experiential learning with different public and private organizations. Also working and facilitating Coaching process and training people and teams on skills as leadership and team building.

– FSBA Bioenergetic Therapist. 2013.

– Since 2017 is the Director of the Chilean School of Bioenergetics FSBA, and from 2019 the Director of the Peruvian School of Bioenergetics FSBA.

Training Schedule

2019-2020 Training Year

in Alachua with Laurie Ure, LICSW, CBT

and Charles Martin, PhD

in Alachua with Soledad Valenzuela, MA

assisted by Kelly Nenezian, LMHC

in Alachua with Ana Murrilo

and Alberto Wang, MA

in Alachua with Silvina Henriquez, MA

assisted by Brendan McGuckin, MBA, MEd

in Alachua with John Yong, JD

assisted by Brendan McGuckin, MBA, MEd

and Nancy Hazen, MA

FSBA Workshops with Daniela


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