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Preparation for September 18-20 Online Training Workshop with Laurie Ure

Dear Trainees,
Warmest greetings to each of you. 
Laurie has selected the homework for our upcoming September training program workshop: Effective Anger: The Energy for Change. This will be an awesome workshop! Laurie said her Massachusetts trainees have all been pleasantly surprised by how potent the training can be online. 
Please read the attached article which Laurie wrote about anger which will be published in the Psychotherapy Networker soon. She also requests that you read Chapter 5 from Joy by Lowen. The chapter is entitled “Anger: The Healing Emotion”.
Additionally, Laurie wants you to watch this video: Crip Camp ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFS8SpwioZ4 ). It captures therapeutic elements capable of bringing about the powerful transformation “from oppression to empowerment”.  
Though not required, Laurie also recommends your watching Love, Work and Knowledge: The Life and Trial of Wilhelm Reich
Kelly Nenezian LMHC will be assisting Laurie for several components of the workshop. Kelly always adds honesty, competency and deep care to our events and having her with us again will be wonderful.    
The schedule for the workshop will be as follows:
Friday Evening, Sept 187pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, Sept 19 & 209:30am – 12:30pm and 2:00pm to 4:30pm. 
Our training will take place via Zoom – the link will be emailed to you during the week of the workshop.
For those of you who paid the entire year’s training tuition, this workshop is included in your tuition and (because the tuition of this workshop is reduced by 50%) you will have a credit towards future FSBA events and workshops. If you have not paid your tuition for this training workshop ($425), here’s the link: https://bioenergeticspress.com/collections/certification-training-program/products/425-tuition-for-sept-18-20-2020-training-workshop   
Stay healthy, stay safe, and please contact me if you have any questions.
With love,

Anger: Energy of Change

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