FSBA – Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

An Invitation to an
Open Bioenergetic Workshop:

Teaching Love

Ongoing Personal Growth from a Bioenergetic and Spiritual Perspective

with Paul Cohen, LCSW

Date TBA   |   Alachua, FL

Open to Everyone!

About this Workshop

Bioenergetics provides us with a methodology for unraveling our past in a way that gives meaning to the present. The techniques and exercises guide us to a deeper more conscious awareness of ourselves and others. This is done by grounding and supporting our deepest feelings and emotions through a more open and expressive body-self. We become one with our breath, voice and movements.

Most importantly, we begin to live with an increased capacity to connect with our truest self and others.

The more connected we become to ourselves and others, the more able we are to connect to our higher selves. This becomes a natural phenomenon that takes place as our grounded self connects in more open and meaningful ways to others. As we continue to reach out to the world through clearer eyes and loving hearts, our connections to others will grow exponentially. Our sense of purpose becomes clearer and we are able to find deeper meaning in all that we do.

Using the incredible power of an intimate Bioenergetic group process, we will explore how to maintain a deeper presence with our Selves and Others. We will continually focus throughout the workshop on ways to maintain this positive and loving presence. We will work diligently with the notion of forgiving others, so we may forgive ourselves. This will lead us to a life in the present, peace, and a sense of oneness. It is how we not only manifest our loving selves, but truly become our loving selves.

Through the medium of Bioenergetics and other Spiritually grounded techniques we will strengthen our bonds of love and friendship. Our biggest goal will be to work together on simple ways to maintain a higher and more meaningful consciousness during and after the workshop.

About the Leader

FSBA welcomes Paul Cohen, LCSW to lead Teaching Love: Ongoing Personal Growth from a Bioenergetic and Spiritual Perspective! His compassionate approach honors the organic unfolding of each individual. He leads workshops with his astute clinical abilities, in-depth knowledge of bioenergetics, and an off-the-chart intuitiveness. Having been among the initial practitioners and developers of bioenergetics, Paul imbibes its essence.

Paul’s work has transformation energy that permeates his work. Some reviews over his last All We Need is Love Workshop include:

“Paul brought such magical love and energy – working with everyone at the same time and all the time.”

“Paul‘s every word and gesture was from his intuitive presence.”

“Paul was compassionate, kind and very loving.”

How to Register

We invite you to register for this workshop. By clicking HERE we can accept your registration and payment online.


Early bird registration until Date TBA is $360 per person.

After Date TBA the workshop fee will be $380.

Workshop Location

Dormitory-style accommodations in our historic center are provided at no extra charge. Click the image or read more below!

Workshop Schedule

Friday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

(please be there at 9:00am or earlier to get settled in)

Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm


How to contact us for more information about this workshop

To ask question about this workshop, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, call 386-462-5155 or contact: fsba.bioenergetics@gmail.com


Closest airports are Jacksonville International (JAX), which is an hour and 20 minute car ride, and Gainesville International (GNV), which is a 20 minute car ride.


This workshop is being catered, so that we are all able to stay in a therapeutic place for the entire weekend. Wholesome, healthy food prepared with love will be provided. All participants will be asked to contribute $50 toward this at the time of their arrival. If you would prefer to bring your own food, please let us know in advance!

CE Credits

The Florida Society for Bioenergetics offers 20 State of Florida CE credits to Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Those in several other helping professions can also receive CE credits from this workshop. MH 2814