FSBA – Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Workshop Leader


PHd, Licensed Psychologist

Gainesville, FL

About Charles

Charles is a licensed psychologist in Gainesville, Florida with many years of experience in body-mind-awareness and bioenergetic practices that he brings to his training and psychotherapy work. For the past twenty years, Dr. Martin has been teaching bodily and emotional intelligence skills in his consulting, therapy, and coaching work – building on principles from modern psychology, meditative traditions, and somatic disciplines.

He is the current curriculum director for the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.

Training Schedule

2019-2020 Training Year

in Alachua with Laurie Ure, LICSW, CBT

and Charles Martin, PhD

in Alachua with Soledad Valenzuela, MA

assisted by Kelly Nenezian, LMHC

in Alachua with Ana Murrilo

and Alberto Wang, MA

in Alachua with Silvina Henriquez, MA

assisted by Brendan McGuckin, MBA, MEd

in Alachua with John Yong, JD

assisted by Brendan McGuckin, MBA, MEd

and Nancy Hazen, MA

FSBA Workshops with Charles


Bioenergetics Certification Training Program

Charles will be helping to lead the FSBA Certification Training Workshop, September 26-29, 2019

FSBA is currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Training Year!