An Open Invitation to a Bioenergetic Workshop

Ground, Heart, Intent, and Openness

Embodying Presence and Embracing Life

A Bioenergetic Workshop with Dr. Charles Martin

October  19-20, 2019 | Open to Everyone

About the Workshop

  • Is it possible to actually live your life as an adventure, in such a way that whatever you are doing in the world is part of a process of waking up to your true nature and actualizing your unique talents in the world? 
  • Is it possible to live effectively and powerfully in the world while attending to and nurturing your inner spiritual life?

We’ve come to believe that psychospiritual practice and the realm of everyday life are somehow separate. But as we work mindfully in everyday life with presence, energy, stability, clarity, power, and compassion, we discover that we are working in the realm of being.  The personal (our everyday life) and the psychospiritual (the realm of being) are not different.  They are both expressions of the same life, and the tools for awakening to our nature and the tools for living well are the same tools. 

Bioenergetic bodymind practices combine awareness, sensation, breathing, movement, energy, mind, feeling, and relationship. 

Join us for this two-day workshop to learn five powerful bodymind tools you can return to over and over in the midst of everyday life. Learn how the elements of Presence-Energy, Ground, Heart, Intent, and Openness offer fundamental practices for recovering your attention and for personal awakening. Learn, too, how they have application in every area of our lives to help us live effectively and well. 

The workshop is a combination of individual and group work – and integrates active bioenergetic bodymind and awareness exercises. You’ll come away with renewed presence and energy – and practices you can use every day to support your living with presence, vitality, and grace.

About the Leader

Dr. Charles Martin is a licensed psychologist in Gainesville, Florida with many years of experience in body-mind-awareness and bioenergetic practices that he brings to his training and psychotherapy work. For the past twenty years, Dr. Martin has been teaching bodily and emotional intelligence skills in his consulting, therapy, and coaching work – building on principles from modern psychology, meditative traditions, and somatic disciplines.  He is the current curriculum director for the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.

Workshop Schedule

  • Saturday October 19th, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday October 20th, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Fees, Registration, Accommodations, Travel

How to Register

We invite you to register for this workshop. By clicking HERE we can accept your registration and payment online. If you would like to pay by check or make other arrangements for payments, please email us at


The “early bird” fee for this workshop is $350 per person if registration is received before September 25, 2019. After September 25, 2019 the fee will be from $375 per person. Scholarships are available.

How to contact us for more information about this workshop

To ask question about this workshop, please fill out the form below, call 386-462-5155 or contact:


Closest airports are Jacksonville International (JAX), which is an hour and 20 minute car ride, and Gainesville International (GNV), which is a 20 minute car ride.


Dormitory accommodations are available at no charge on a first come first serve basis. Information on local hotels can also be provided. Click HERE to check out the dormitory styled accommodations.


The Florida Society for Bioenergetics offers 14 State of Florida CE credits to Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Those in several other helping professions can also receive CE credits from this workshop. MH 2814

Location and Contact Information
The Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis
19802 Old Bellamy Road
Alachua, Florida 32615
386-462-5155 (United States) –

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