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Bioenergetic Analysis Training Program

About us

The Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis provides training focusing on the relationship between working energy in the body (breathing, movement, and voice) and psychological issues. The curriculum includes the history of the energetic concept, basic bioenergetic principles, reading the body, techniques for mobilizing energy and expressing feelings, and understanding the development process in relation to character structure. Teaching methods will be experiential, didactic, and individual study.

The training program is broken into the pre-clinical phase- the first two years, and the clinical phase- lasting two to three years and resulting in certification. The emphasis on the pre-clinical phase is the trainee mastering the fundamental contributions of Alexander Lowen and Wilhelm Reich. Reich's concepts of body armoring, character analysis and his use of the body in psychotherapy (having been a disciple of Sigmund Freud) is emphasized. Alexander Lowen's evolution over a fifty-year period of developing and practicing Bioenergetic Analysis is emphasized in a trainee becoming deeply aware of working body energy and working psychology. Bioenergetic exercises, Bioenergetic interventions, Bioenergetic character analysis and Bioenergetic group process is emphasized.

The clinical phase emphasizes the Bioenergetic therapy process. This includes leading and receiving Bioenergetic sessions during the training while receiving supervision on the trainee's skill level. The training program provides the trainees extensive exposure to six excellent workshop leaders in a highly, supportive, caring environment.

The goal of the Florida Society's training program is to give trainees the opportunity to master the fundamentals of bodywork Bioenergetic psychotherapy as pioneered by Dr. Alexander Lowen and to create their own unique, strong signature of working the body and working psychology. The excellence of the training is dedicated to premise that the body is the reflection of our personality and our unconscious and real personality change is rooted in working with the body in the psychotherapy process.


The Bioenergetic Analysis Training Program is open to psychologists, counselors, psychiatric nurses, social workers, graduate students, and other professionals in the psychotherapy field. Special situations allow for auditing the Training rogram.

Application, Fees and Continuing Education Credits

Early application is recommended. Tuition for the 2014 - 2015 training year is $4,250. Payment of $825 per workshop is due 1 week before each workshop and includes dormitory-style sleeping accommodations at the farmhouse. Annual Florida Society Membership dues of $125 are payable at the September workshop.

Each training workshop provides 24 hours of State of Florida Continuing Education credits (CEUs) for Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Nurses.

Florida License Numbers:
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