An Invitation for an Open Summer Bioenergetic Workshop

All We Need Is Love

A Bioenergetic Workshop with Soledad Valenzuela

August 3 – 5, 2018 | Open to Everyone

About the Workshop

“Love is not enough to have a full life, but it’s a good start…
Loving experiences include a good attachment at birth, a safe and challenging environment to grow, an adequate support to make decisions that make our life happy and a safe and affectionate context for the final time. All this can describe a life surrounded by loving experiences.
Work, couples, friendship, and social life are areas that we can also relate to these experiences of love. When we refer to love, it is not only the act of giving and receiving affectionate gestures but to experiencing respect, dignity and personal courage.
In this workshop, we will explore our life experience and our current capacity to give and receive that way of bonding that we call ‘loving.’
Today we know how beneficial that type of link is to our physical and mental health. We know that loving experiences produce concrete benefits in our body (including, of course, our brain), which allow a life with greater well-being, health, and happiness.
But if we know, why do not we live a world of loving relationships?
Part of our exploration will be that other side of love, which produces the inverse effects and which also leaves marks on the body and mind.
The objective of this workshop is to form a group that is united around looking for a real learning experience about our ability to give and receives love in very concrete ways: contact, respect, listening, support, joy.
The invitation is to live a weekend where we renew the satisfaction and joy of deeply experiencing those possible aspects of life.
Because… more love is not enough to have a full life, but it’s a good start…
We are waiting for you with great joy!”

About the Leader

FSBA is thrilled to have Sol come to Alachua to lead the All We Need Is Love Workshop. Sol’s background includes Professor of Philosophy, Psychology Lic, Master in Clinical Psychologist (c), and Certified FSBA Bioenergetic Psychotherapist. She was one of the founders of FSBA in Chile, served as its academic director until 2016, and is now an active part of the training team. Additionally, she is a Senior Ontological Coach with Newfield Consulting. Soledad conducts an active private psychotherapy practice in Chile using bioenergetic analysis and also works as an executive coach. She is a dynamic bioenergetic trainer and leads workshops in both the United States, Chile, Brazil, and Perú. One of her current focuses is on the “good connection” between bioenergetics and mindfulness.

Workshop Schedule

Friday and Saturday

  • 9:30 : Exercise session
  • 10:15 : Group work & individual sessions
  • 2:00 : Group work & individual sessions

Saturday : Group dinner


  • 9:30 : Exercise session
  • 10:15 : Group work, Individual sessions,  closing

Fees, Registration, Accommodations, Travel

How to Register

We invite you to register for this workshop. By clicking HERE we can accept your registration and payment online.


Early bird registration (until July 15th) is $340 per person. After July 15th the workshop fee will be $375.

For those of you joining the Bioenergetic Certification Training Program that begins in September, this fee will be deducted from your tuition!

How to contact us for more information about this workshop

To ask question about this workshop, please fill out the form below, call 386-462-5155 or contact:


Closest airports are Jacksonville International (JAX), which is an hour and 20 minute car ride, and Gainesville International (GNV), which is a 20 minute car ride.


Dormitory accommodations are available at no charge on a first come first serve basis. Information on local hotels can also be provided. Click HERE to check out the dormitory styled accommodations.


The Florida Society for Bioenergetics offers 20 State of Florida CE credits to Mental Health Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Those in several other helping professions can also receive CE credits from this workshop. MH 0000839

Contact Form For Additional Workshop Information is at the bottom of the page.

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