We send you a quote of Al Lowen’s book, Love, Sex and the Heart, and we invite you to think and feel about it and write down some comments before the workshop. We’ll be sharing some in the checking in.

Every feeling of love in an adult stems from his infantile layer in his personality. If a person is in touch with his heart, he is in touch with the baby within him.

A person is cut off from the baby his personality, he is blocked from experiencing the fullness of love.

This happens when a baby is deprived of needed closeness and warmth.

As an infant grows into a child, the need for continuous closeness gives way to a need to investigate the world now opening to him; to explore persons, things, space, and time so that we can construct a picture being in relation to the world and develops a conscious sense of self. It is during childhood that ego develops. It becomes a definitive structure at about the age of 6 or 7. Until that time reality is not perceived as fixed or final, and the child’s imagination runs free. He can play at being a father, a mother or even a baby,  In his play and make-believe, he learns the feel of life. Since the child is not aware of any serious consequences to his play, he can give himself wholeheartedly to it in all innocence. A child whose babyhood was fulfilled and who is now free to play undisturbed by adults feels a sense of joy.

A healthy adult is the integrated total of the different stages: a baby at heart, a child in his imagination, a young boy in his spirit of adventure and a young man in his romantic aspirations.

Reading this quote from Lowen in the book Love Sex and Your Heart:

  1. How do you feel this integration in yourself?
  2. How do you feel love as an integrated feeling in the relationship with yourself and others?
  3. Which is the presence of play and joy your adult life?
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
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