My roots work with human stem from a medical approach. Luckily I had teachers who saw man as a unity, taking into account the impact of psychogenności on a par with other factors. Sowed in me the seed that eventually germinate made it possible to reach further, the first book of Alexander Lowen, later the own experience in bioenergetics. It allowed me to touch each other as never before found such a connection, which I longed for and developing relationship in itself, which gives support.

-Marzena Barszcz, Director of Poland School of Bioenergetics

Director of FSBA Poland

MARZENA BARSZCZ, MA is director of the Poland FSBA School for Bioenergetic Analysis. Having a successful career as a chiropractor in Poland, she was drawn to more deeply exploring the mind/body connection and psychoanlaysis. Her interests took her on extensive travels to the United States to train.

For More Information Please Contact: kontakt@marzenabarszcz.com

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