FSBA – Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

FSBA Workshops

Since 1979, FSBA has been offering bioenergetic workshops, training and consulting. It has now expanded into five schools which are located in Florida, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Poland. Leaders from these schools and graduates of our training program contribute their time and expertise to lead these workshops, many of which are held at the FSBA Center in Alachua, FL.

Our FSBA workshops are Open to All.
We invite anyone who is interested to come grow with FSBA!

with Laurie Ure, LICSW   |   May 22 – 23, 2021   |   ONLINE (Zoom)

This workshop is for people seeking all types of intimacy, to clarify what you seek and to work through blocks of having what you desire. Join us for a body/mind experiential exploration to help you on your path!

Open to All!

Open to
All Men!


with Eric Diamond   |   Date TBA   |   in Alachua, FL

Join us for a weekend of truth-telling and brotherhood in safe settings, enhanced by the wisdom in mythic stories and energized by transformative experiences using the power of group support and challenge. Learn how to go deeply into what you are seeking, and have the support to let go of burdens and fears!

with Paul Cohen, LCSW | Date TBA  |  in Alachua, FL

Through the medium of Bioenergetics and other Spiritually grounded techniques we will strengthen our bonds of love and friendship. Our biggest goal will be to work together on simple ways to maintain a higher and more meaningful consciousness during and after the workshop.

Open to All!

Open to All!


with Eric Diamond, PhD and Sabine O’Laughlin, MD  |  Date TBA  |  in Alachua, FL

Join us in creating a space of trust, acceptance, humility, good humor, joy and deep understanding; in that space, we can hear the voice of our body guiding us. Learn how it is possible to carefully observe and deeply understand our experiences and patterns as we look for ways to be happier!

with Peggi Wegener, LMHC, Certified TRE® Provider | Date TBA  |  in Alachua, FL

Join us to gain a foundational understanding of how the body and brain, particularly the limbic system, respond to stress and trauma. Learn the TRE® exercises/movements that prepare the body to release deep tension from the muscles and calm the nervous system!

Open to All!