FSBA Team: Training Faculty, Alachua Board, Consultants, Sponsors and Staff

FSBA is the result of a team of people over decades whose talents, hard work, incredible skills and love for Bioenergetics made its existence possible. Also, included in this team are the hundreds of people  who have walked through the doors of the “Farmhouse” to learn, to train and to grow. All of these people make up the composition of the FSBA team. Many of them gained momentum in life from their link with Robert Glazer, PhD, who kept us all in his heart as he made FSBA his life’s work.


FSBA Training Faculty

FSBA now has a team of profoundly competent trainers who disseminate remarkable training of Bioenergetics world-wide.  Each person on this faculty team has spent years, or even decades, studying and practicing Bioenergetics and is dedicated to teaching its essence to students, trainees and clients. This group includes:

Marzena Barszcz, MA  (Warsaw, Poland)

Eric Diamond, PhD  (Gainesville, Florida)

Diane Gobrogge, DOM, LAc  (Wilmington, North Carolina)

Silvina Heriquez, MA  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Ana Murillo  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Laurie Ure, LICSW  (Gloucester, Massachusetts)

Sol Valenzuela, MA  (Santiago, Chile)

Alberto Wang, MA  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

John Yong, JD  (New York, New York)

FSBA Advisors

The FSBA in Alachua is advised by professional volunteers, each with incredible skills, expertise and a profound appreciation for Bioenergetics. They generously nurture and oversee elements of FSBA that are instrumental for its continuation. It simply would not be possible for the events to continue without the sharpness, labor and love given by these board members. This group includes:

Susan Cliett, M.Ed., LMHC, CBT

Charles Martin, PhD

Brendan McGuken, MBA, M.Ed.

Elias Sarkis, MD

Debbie Vainstein

Patrick Wiggins, JD

Paul Amburg

Teri Burke, MD

Vero Morgenstern, MSC

Sabine O’Laughlin, MD

Sandra Ramos, MEd

Guadalupe Rodríguez Luévano


FSBA is also extremely grateful for its steady, caring, competent infrastructure staff:

Jody Evans – Facility Manager

Destiny Faith Crosby – Facility Caretaker

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