History of FSBA

Celebrating Over 30 Years of FSBA Bioenergetic Trainings and Programs


1980’s – Alexander and Leslie Lowen with Robert Glazer and his young son and the first group of FSBA trainees at the Farmhouse.

1980 - Present: FSBA Bioenergetic Training Programs in Alachua, Fl

2003 - Bioenergetics Press Created

2003 - Alexander Lowen's Autobiography Assisted by Robert Glazer

2006 - FSBA Trainees Join Al Lowen at His Home in New Canaan for a Workshop

2007 - Alexander Lowen Foundation is Created

2008 Alexander Lowen Offers Workshop in Florida

2010 Frank Hladky Leads Workshops in Alachua for FSBA

FSBA International Faculty, School Directors and Open Workshop Leaders

International FSBA Schools Founded Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Poland

2010: FSBA Produces Educational Videos

2015: Robert Glazer Passes Away - Many Amazing People Keep FSBA flourishing


FSBA flyers throughout the years


More to come...






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