About FSBA

Whether you are a therapist or coach wanting training, an individual seeking greater release of emotional contraction patterns, a trauma victim, or a business seeking to enhance the emotional freedom of your workers to perform at maximum efficiency, you are invited to explore what the FSBA is offering.

Based on Bionergetic Analyisis as created by Alexander Lowen, we are sponsoring training for mental health professionals, health care providers and other professionals wanting to utilize skills and understanding of deep, core mind/body psychotherapy. Also offered are referrals for individual sessions, personal growth workshops and business consultations. Therapists and coaches are now available in countries that include the United States, Poland, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. The FSBA utilizes a contemporary form of Bioenergetic Analyisis that has the potential of increasing the quality of life for anyone.

You can start learning more about Bioenergetics Analyisis with FSBA by visiting other pages on our website, attending a personal growth workshop or open house, or by contacting us with your questions and your interests.

About the Founder

“When I am in the Boenergetic model of working with clients, I am working two tracks:

1. First, I build energy, which means opening up the breathing wave, opening up the feeling wave, opening up the vibrations and the holding patterns of the body.
2. Then, I  work the psychology.

I work back and forth between the energy and the psychology – the issues are rooted in the musculature and the musculature is rooted in the issues. When I can get both together at “6,000 rpms”, the body and mind  can heal itself.”

– Robert Glazer, founder of FSBA

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