Two New Bioenergetic Workshops – Everyone Welcome

Two New Bioenergetic Workshops! 

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“Grounded, Centered, Present”

Half-day workshop! Saturday, January 21st, 2017. 12:00-3:00 pm eastern time. Location: Santa Fe College, NW Campus, Room S-220 – in Gainesville, FL. Experience the power of grounding and energizing! In this class, we’ll practice the skill of grounding – a fundamental practice in bioenergetic body-mindenergy-awareness work. Rediscover your embodiedness, and experience the relaxed centeredness, resilience, and confidence that is the foundation for approaching your life in a more resourceful way. The class is a great introduction to bioenergetics as well as to the four-week bioenergetic class being offered in February 2017 (see below). Although the class focuses on grounding, it will include a range of bioenergetic exercises that are foundational to bioenergetics. Offered through Santa Fe College (SFC) Community Education.

To register, call SFC at (352) 395-5193 or register via the SFC Community Ed website at (the class is in the “Health and Wellness” category of the catalog).

Cost: The three-hour workshop is $24. Space is limited!

“Bioenergetics: Vital Awareness”

Four-week class! February 9th, 2017. 6:00-7:30 pm . Four Thursday evenings. Location: Gainesville High School – in Gainesville, FL.

Explore in a gentle and experiential way the combination of awareness, grounding, breathing, energy, moving, and feeling that are integral to bioenergetic body-mind practices. Come away feeling more vital, centered, and resourceful. Bioenergetic skills can help you rediscover your authentic integrated self and work through body-mind barriers to living happily. This class is a great four-week introduction to
bioenergetic (body-mind-energy-awareness) work, with a sampling of a wide variety of skills and experiences. Those familiar with bioenergetics will enjoy a regular class in which they can practice. Offered through Santa Fe College (SFC) Community Education.

To register: call SFC at (352) 395-5193 or register via the SFC Community Ed website (the class is in the “Health and Wellness” category of the catalog).

Cost: The four-week class is $49. Space is limited!

What is Bioenergetics? Bioenergetic practices and skills training offer a holistic approach that combines awareness, sensation, breathing, movement, energy, mind, feeling, and relationship in an approach that can help you… rediscover your authentic vital self; uncover body-mind barriers to living happily and effectively; and feel empowered in your life, career, and relationships.

Dr. Charles Martin is a licensed psychologist in Gainesville, Florida with many years of experience in bodymind-awareness and bioenergetic practices that he brings to his training and psychotherapy work. For the past twenty years, Dr. Martin has been teaching bodily and emotional intelligence skills in his consulting, therapy, and coaching work – building on principles from modern psychology, meditative traditions, and somatic disciplines. He is the current curriculum director for the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis. To learn more about the classes and his bioenergetic work, you can visit or contact Dr. Martin at or at (352) 375-7756.


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