In 2010, the Florida Society for Bioenergetics Analysis promoted the creation of the Bioenergetics Schools for Argentina.

Their project to create this training school in Bioenergetics is the result of a shared dream, which seeks to participate in the development of nutritious, healthy and ethical contexts to learn about human beings and relationships.

Argentina FSBA Directors

Psychologist USAL 1991, Postgraduate in HR and PDD in the IAE.
She had a career of 10 years in HR (Techint Organization).
Senior Business Coach (Newfield Consulting). Since 2004 she has been dedicated to coaching, developing people and teams as well as training coaches.
2009 – 2011 She was Founding Partner and President of Newfield Argentina.
Bioenergetic Therapist, FSBA 2009.
Bioenergetics International Trainer, FSBA 2012.
She is currently co-director of the Buenos Aires School of Bioenergy, FSBA.

Bachelor of Music Composition, Faculty of Arts and Music Sciences, Universidad Católica Argentina, 1979.
Training in Bioenergetic Analysis with Dr. Alexander Lowen, New York, 1986.
Bioenergetic Therapist since 1986, Buenos Aires.
Since 2005, he is part of the teaching team of the Advanced International Coaching Program, Newfield Consulting.
He is currently co-director of the School of Bionergética of Buenos Aires, FSBA.
Bioenergetics International Trainer, FSBA 2012.

Senior Technical in Foreign Trade, Madrid, 1993 Senior Business Coach, 1995. For 20 years he has been dedicated to Consulting, Organizational Learning, Coaching, Development of Management Teams and Training of coaches in Newfield Consulting.
2003 – 2007  She was Managing Partner of Newfield Consulting, in Spain.
Based in Buenos Aires since 2008.
Bioenergetic Therapist, FSBA 2012
Bioenergetics International Trainer, FSBA 2013
Collaborates in international projects of the Newfield Consulting network.
She is part of the teaching team of the Buenos Aires School of Bioenergy, FSBA.

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